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General FAQs

The California Wine Experience is an all-inclusive, timed, and curated walk around wine tasting event where wine lovers will spend a few hours to sample wines and meet winery personalities from the Golden State. Upon entrance, guests gain full access to explore California wines by regions and try an incredible selection of California wines. Every winery has brought a unique wine to the market for you to try.

There will be an opportunity to sample a wide selection of more than 400 premium wines from 100 of California’s top producers.

To register for the trade tasting, please click the link for the city you plan to attend and reserve your ticket.

Vancouver: Click HERE to register.

Calgary: Click HERE to register.

You will travel through California with throughout the three hour experience.

To purchase tickets for the consumer tasting, please click the link for the city you plan to attend reserve your 2 1/2-hour desired time slot.

30-minute intervals to visit all the regions.

A very limited number of tickets will be sold

Food stations with small bite pairings will be avaialble.

Vancouver Consumer [link]

Calgary Consumer [link]

Montreal Consumer [link]

The California Wine Experience is a multi-city tour that takes place in April / May every year in some of Canada’s major urban markets. This year it will take place in Vancouver, Calgary & Montreal.

We encourage you to enjoy yourself and consume responsibly.

This is a 19+ event. (Vancouver)
This is a 18+ event (Alberta, Québec)

Over 100 wineries signed up this year, however attendance is different in each city. Please check out our Producers section to see which wineries will be at the event nearest you!

Your ticket includes admission, access to all wines being poured and light hors d’oeuvres or small bites.

Due to the very limited availability, tickets will be limited to online advanced purchase only.


When you purchase a ticket online you will be emailed a downloadable ticket. This ticket can either be printed or scanned from your phone. Please bring proof of entry with you on the day of the event.

Yes, there will be light hors d’oeuvres served in a safe and hygienic manner. However, we do recommend eating before you attend the event with more substantial.

NO, not at all! This event provides you with a great opportunity to learn and educate yourself about the wines from California and out leadership in sustainability. Everyone is welcome, from novices to wine connoisseurs. The environment is fun, lively, and inclusive to all wine lovers of any level.

We want everyone to be comfortable at our event and encourage chic, business casual. We do ask that you do not wear any perfume and/or cologne as they can overpower the smell of the wine and some attendees may have fragrance allergies.

It is perfectly acceptable to swallow the wine at a wine tasting event. At the same time, it is also completely acceptable, and not considered offensive at all, to spit a wine out into a spittoon if you don’t care for it, or if you’re trying to control your alcohol intake. Agents and winery representatives completely understand that you can’t possibly consume all the wines you encounter at a tasting.

You can’t taste everything at a wine tasting event, so having a plan is ideal. Try dividing the tasting by type or style of wine and only taste wines that fit into that category. This will help edit your selection considerably.

For instance, only taste white wines, or only taste red wines. To refine the selection even further, taste only Pinot Noirs, or taste only Cabernet Sauvignons. Not only will this help control the quantity of wines you’ll be tasting, but you’ll also get a great education on the various styles of wine that can be made from a single grape.

Safety Information

Covid Safety Protocols be followed and dependent on the regional public health measure in place across each venue.

The safety of our participants and staff are our highest priority. The consensus among global health authorities is that full vaccination provides the strongest protection against COVID-19 variants. In consideration of your fellow participants, all staff at the event will be fully vaccinated.

To ensure the safety of everyone participating, where required by jurisdiction, we will be asking all participants provide proof of COVID-19 vaccinations to gain access to the California Wine Experience.

We will be limiting capacity at each event for the comfort and safety of our attendees and guests.

In Vancouver, as per public health guidelines masks will be required in all indoor public settings.

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